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10th Annual Detroit Raqs Belly Dance Show
An Evening With Cassandra Fox & Guests

Dancers from the workshops will perform.
Held at City Style Tango - known for its fun Saturday night tango shows is turning into an evening of Bellydance!



Location: City Style Tango: 164. E Maple, Troy, MI 48083  just east of Livernois (in the same parking lot of MJR Theatre)
Doors: 6:15 p.m.
Showtime: 7 p.m.
Artist-only after party location: TBD



9 a.m. - Doors
9:10 a.m., Registration, Mingle, Shop, Relax!

9:25 a.m., Wake Up & Disco! Disco Party! Good Morning! Wake up with our freestyle disco party with the best playlist to start the
day! THIS is how we will break the ice to get things started so we are all friendly! Hit the morning dance floor with Lana & Lauren -
or just continue to shop or relax! (Free to Saturday workshop participants and vendors!)

9:55 a.m. - Morning Hello & Intro by Lana Mini & Lauren Franks

10 am -12 pm: Workshop One: Cassandra Fox! Tune Into Technique/Baladi Progression - WHAT A WAY TO START THE WEEKEND
FOR ALL! Technique break down and strengthening. Layering, level changes, travelling steps, flourishes, accents, nuances,
expression. Projecting movements with strength, power,or softness. No choreography, it's an in-depth look at movement and
mechanics - and the musicality to make them shine like Cassandra always does. Improvisational techniques covered as well. Do
you REALLY know baladi progression? Slow, sensual , gooey, fluid, powerful, earthy, and feminine, baladi progression!

12:00-12:40 pm Break

12:45 p.m.- 2:45 p.m.: Workshop 2: Cassandra Fox! Flutter Butter/Shimmy Shenanigans - Tune into your tummy and fine tune
abdominal isolation. Learn the anatomy and technique of fluttering and exercises and practice techniques to help develop and
strengthen abdominal moves in your dance. You know her for shimmies - precisely on beat like no other! Does anyone do it like
Cassandra! This is not to be missed! *Please Note: Brinng Knee pads or a yoga mat!
2:45 p.m.- 3 p.m.. Questions from the day/photos/meet&greet
$100, earlybird rate ends March 1, 2020


WORKSHOP: Sunday, May 3, 2020

Doors: 9 a.m.
9:15 a.m.-10:10 a.m. - Coffee & Convo: 'Bellydance' Professional Development & Ethics in the New Decade. A much needed coffee
and conversation - includes advice on how to market yourself, book gigs or teach -ethically. Are you an ethical student? Should we
talk cultural appropriation? Yes. An open conversation, non-judgemental Q&A facilitated w Lauren & Lana. Advance register to
guarentee enough coffee yourself, or if you dont' register in advance, bring your own coffee that day and pay $13.
COST: $15 in advance.

10:15 am-12:15 pm - Drum Solo with Cassandra! Hands-down one of the Best Drum Solo Dance Artists of today! (We will say it
again, 403,000 real Instagram followers with drum solo videos receiving hundreds of thousands of views). Her sharp technique. An
Overview of strength in technique to help create a fun and exciting drum solos. Special attention will be given to creating power
and fluidity on movements while keeping them clean and sharp.

Both Coffe/Chat & Drum Solo workshop, $70, earlybird through March 1

Drum solo workshop only, $55, earlybird rate,



1. SHOW TICKET: $15, earlybird rates end March 1, 2020

2. ALL SATURDAY WORKSHOPS: $100, earlybird rate ends March 1, 2020

3. SUNDAY WORKSHOP - DRUM SOLO: $55, earlybird ends March 1, 2020

4. SUNDAY, Coffee & Chat, Belly Dance Professional Development & Ethics in 2020: $15 (earlybird)

5. ALL SUNDAY: Coffee/Chat & Cassandra Workshop: $70, earlybird ends March 1, 2020

5. SAT. & SUN. CASSANDRA WORKSHOPS (no coffee chat): $150, early bird rate ends March 1, 2020

6. ALL WORKSHOPS & CHAT: $165, earlybird rate ends March 1, 2020

7. THE WHOLE PACKAGE: $175 - One show ticket, all workshops + Sunday Coffee chat (earlybird ends 3/1/2020)

8. Saturday Morning Wake Up + Disco: Complimentary (free!) to workshop participants.

May 2 & 3, 2020
10th Annual Detroit Raqs
w Cassandra Fox!
2020 Show and Workshop

164 East Maple Road
Troy, MI 48083
Want to vend?
We want you there!
Rates: $50 to $80 depending on the space that you need.

Instragram's most popular belly dancer
- but we've known her for years!

Cassandra Fox is a multi-award
winning professional Belly Dancer and
Caribbean fusion dancer from Ontario.

She began belly dancing in 2008 while
studying at the University of Guelph,
and eventually merged her love of
belly dance with her Jamaican heritage
to develop her Caribbean fusion style
which blends caribbean music and
movement with bellydance

You know her shimmies!

Beyond her Caribbean fusion,
Cassandra is also known for her strong
presence, powerful technique, and
animated style of bellydance. Best
known for her drum solos, her most
viewed drum solo video has over 114
million views on Facebook. She has
taught and performed throughout
Canada, the US, and Europe.

When not dancing Cassandra enjoys
tea, cats, crocheting, sewing, fabric
hoarding, loves horses, and her
boyfriend too.


Lana of Detroit Belly Dance and Lauren
of Liquid Belly Dance have both been
professional dancers and instructors of
Arab Style Dance (both focus on
Egyptian style) for years.

They have both performed at concerts,
nightclubs, festivals, weddings and
nearly every other type of
entertainment event imaginable. Both
are obsessed with elevating this art
form, creating community, and making
everyone feel welcome. Both live and
breathe this dance.

While this is Lauren's first time
partnering with the Detroit Raqs Dance
Convention, she's no less important! In
fact, she talked Lana out of taking a
year break! :D We can't wait to see
everyone of all levels!

SHOW NOTES:*Only workshop
participants pre-registered all of
Saturday or both days get first dibs at
show. Slots are extremely limited as in
all great shows!

**Past years’ instructors held by
Detroit Belly Dance include:
Aida of SF
Rachel Brice
Michelle Sorensen
Moria Chappelle
Jillina C