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* Invited to 2018 America's Got Talent!
* 2017 TedX Detroit
* Twice named
Best Dance Troop in Detroit & Best
Detroit Entertainment
by Real Detroit Weekly
* Seen on The Travel Channel
* Named one of the "Faces of Detroit" by WDIV
Channel 4
* Named "Hero Of Bellydance" by Hipmix Magazine

Media Attention Includes:
* National Public Radio
* CNN                                         * Press & Guide
* Fox News                                 * MetroTimes
* National Public Radio               * Channel 4 News
* The Travel Channel                 * Channel 7 News
* Detroit Free Press                   * Strut Magazine
* Detroit News                            * The Macomb Daily
* HipMix Magazine                      * The Daily Tribune
* Visit Detroit magazine              * The Oakland Press
* Al-Jazeera TV                          * WRIF FM radio
* Styleline                                  * WDET FM radio
* Real Detroit Weekly                * and others.....  
* Hour Magazine
"Best Dance Troop." - Real Detroit Weekly
must see."  - The Travel Channel
Phone: 586.242.9425

Shows: Weddings, zeffas,  parties, theatres, nonprofit galas, nightclubs, festivals, corporate events, lesson parties & more.

Show Offerings: The lights begin to dim. The sound of the violin fills the air. Moments later a single dancer (or maybe more) enters the room. She spins with power as large
lighted, sparkling dramatic fabric wings  grab the attention of the audience. Colorful whirling fabric, fire trays, swords, wooden bamboo sticks, finger cymbals, flowing fan veils,
hips moving to every beat covered in couture designer costumes. And even on occasion, flamenco dancing fused with Bellydance for something different halfway into the
show! Before it ends, joyous music brings the audience on their feet dancing with the dancers making it impossible NOT to smile.

Working with Lana: One or multiple dancers perform to recorded music, or, live musicians like percussionists, singers, violinists, oud and kanun players. Packages for various

At Weddings: Along with dinner shows, Lana is known for her upbeat zeffas leading the bride & groom into the reception hall to exciting drum beats - everyone on their feet
from the moment the reception begins!
May 18 & 19, 2019 9th Annual Detroit
Raqs Midwest Raqs
* WORKSHOPS & SHOW with the return of
Michelle Sorensen - and more!