May 18 & 19 2019
9th Annual
Detroit Raqs
Bellydance Convention
Michelle Sorensen
Detroit Raqs Show &

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Lana of
This section  is being updateed but you
ANYONE is welcome to audit a class at no charge. Just
or come to a class and introduce yourself.

ABOUT THE CLASSES:  In class you'll learn traditional
dance technique, hear fabulous pop & ancient Middle
Eastern music... and while your hips are shimmying you'll
start to understand the rich history of Middle Eastern
Most importantly you'll have fun & get fit in a friendly,
supportive atmosphere.

Anyone is welcome to audit a class for'll soon
realize why this dance has been enjoyed by thousands of
women over thousands of years...  

WHY DETROIT BELLYDANCE?  Belly Dance is low-impact,
but tones the whole body.. You don't need prior dance

Here you'll learn basic Arabic dance technique, layering,
combinations, choreographs and gain skills to design
solo dances to develop your own style. Lana also
provides student become professional dancers.

Whether you are doing it just for fun or something more,
we take class seriously, but the class is always tone is
She breaks down moves so that everyone can
understand them - and takes time assist each student.   
If you're interested in individual private lessons, or to
host a Belly Dance party where friends can learn the
dance, email  

WHO CAN DO IT? Anyone! Belly Dance, known as Raks
Sharqi or Middle Eastern Dance, can be learned at any
age. Students of Detroit Bellydance have ranged from
ages 5 to 92 years old. What's even more beautiful isyou
can be any size or shape. Curvy women are celebrated in
this dance.
I  tell new students "give me three weeks and your hips
will be moving like you never imagined possible!"  

WHAT TO WEAR: Be comfortable.  Stretch pants, yoga
pants, shorts, etc. Wear something you enjoy, even long
skirts! Shirts can be tank tops,cholis, etc.  For your feet:
barefoot, flexible sandals, dance shoes orballet slippers.
Gym shoes aren't the best because they're heavy and
clunky and this, afterall, is a feminine dance!

* Want to learn the tips to being a
professional dancer? Call Lana
for private session that's
everything about the business.
610 p.m. Intermediate
7:15 p.m. Beginners

Birmingham Community House
380 S. Bates, Birmingham.
"Best Dance Troop." - Real Detroit Weekly
must see."  - The Travel Channel

6 p.m. Wednesdays
All Levels (seriously!)
Phone: 586.242.9425

Shows: Weddings, zeffas,  parties, theatres,
nonprofit galas, nightclubs, festivals, corporate
events, lesson parties & more.

Show Offerings: The lights begin to dim. The
sound of the violin fills the air. Moments later a
single dancer (or maybe more) enters the room.
She spins with power as large lighted, sparkling
dramatic fabric wings  grab the attention of the
audience. Colorful whirling fabric, fire trays,
swords, wooden bamboo sticks, finger cymbals,
flowing fan veils, hips moving to every beat
covered in couture designer costumes. And even
on occasion, flamenco dancing fused with
Bellydance for something different halfway into
the show! Before it ends, joyous music brings the
audience on their feet dancing with the dancers
making it impossible NOT to smile.

Working with Lana: One or multiple dancers
perform to recorded music, or, live musicians like
percussionists, singers, violinists, oud and kanun
players. Packages for various budgets.

West Bloomfield Activities Center
(Walnut Lake Road)
May 18 & 19, 2019 9th Annual Detroit
Raqs Midwest Raqs
* WORKSHOPS & SHOW with the return of
Michelle Sorensen - and more!