Who is Michelle Sorensen?

I first learned of Michele by chance
just scrolling Facebook videos, but
within seconds of her opening
dance scene, she had my full
attention. After seeing just ONE
video, I was rapidly texting fellow
dancers saying "stop everything -
watch her now!" Eight months later,
Michelle graciously came Michigan
(I think I wrote her a love letter
begging her to come, haha).
now open!
For those who haven't had the pleasure to see or study with her
yet, Sorensen's boundary pushing style is literally changing the
way today's bellydancers worldwide are thinking of the art form.

Specifically, today's dancers are finding new power and freedom
in themselves in how they express this dance and Michelle is at
the center, if not the top, of this fantastic new belly dance
movement. Even her costuming, she is groundbreaking - there
is comfort, freedom to move and no "forced" cinching, pushing
etc. Freedom to be herself.

At Detroit Raqs 2016, she gained promiment media attention
and captivated and wooed dancers statewide. Sorensen's rock
solid technique and knowledge of tradition mixed with her
unabashed sensuality and unique ability to command the stage
is reason why she's won worldwide competitions. There is real
reason why she's one of today's most talked about performers
and popular instructors worldwide.

Michelle Sorensen's supportive way of teaching will bring out the
best in YOU and empower you to know that YOU are enough,
you are just deserving as any dancer who has graced the stage,
and that you don't have to "be" like" anyone else! There is a
reason she is coming back due to popular demand! You will
walk out a better dancer with a new way of viewing bellydance -
no matter how long or short you've been in involved in this art
form!  Can't wait to see you there! From her Drill Bits workshop
to perfect your technique in new ways, to glamorous Vintage
Hollywood, to her Art of Silence workshop- can't wait to see you

xo Peace and Shimmies! -
Lana Mini, Detroit Raqs Co-Founder
May 18 & 19, 2019
9th Annual Detroit Raqs Midwest Raqs
* WORKSHOPS & SHOW with the return of
Michelle Sorensen!