Fresh off the set of America's Got Talent 2018, an
international and award-winning belly dance
(rakassa) performer &nd instructor; composer of
belly dance music; producer of international
instructional DVDs; major theatrical productions,
performer at weddings/festivals/charity
events/theatres/home lesson parties/family
functions/nightclubs and more. Lana Mini
discovered the world's oldest dance by accident
and has since become one of the most sought-after
dancers in her genre. Her goal is friendly, elegant
shows for all audiences.

Performer for celebrities including singer Usher,
Patrick Swayze, Persian and Arabic singing
sensations....and even studied with Singer
Shakira's own teacher (Bozenka!)

Named best entertainment twice in the city of
Detroit by Real Detroit Weekly, she dances big
stages and more smaller more intimate ones...

This is the dance created by women, for women, for
the pure joy of music and movement.

Years ago, Lana and her two closest friends sought
escape from the stressful world of animal rescue.

One evening, they walked into a belly dance class
out of pure curiosity and instantly felt the fire of
this ancient dance. From their, their passion for
Middle Eastern song was born. It made sense.
Metro-Detroit is home to the largest Arab
population in the nation, home to some of the best
Middle Eastern style musicians and dance
instructors in the world.

For years Lana traveled various continents to study
with the best instructors and herself has performed
with the most prestigious companies in belly dance
worldwide - as a repeated guest performer with
the Belly Dance Superstars (produced by
Sting/Police manager Miles Copeland), with popular
Persian singer Houshman Aghili and for events with
the Arab American National Museum where she
worked for three years.

When she's not performing, she's teaching this
dance as a way in non-competitive, no-egotistical,
supportive, friendly and fun classes for ALL ages,
shapes and sizes!

Her instructors are from Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq  
and Lebanon - and of course the U.S. She hosts
workshops for beginner students and bellydancers
nationwide and has hosted the dance's big names
including Rachel Brice, Petite Jamilla, Ansuya, and
many others.

The goal of Lana Mini as a bellydancer is to get
everyone on their feet and bring warmth and
happiness into a room with her designer, imported
costuming, attention grabbing hip moves, whirling
fabric and swords as she performs on large and
small stages.  Weddings, festivals, theaters,
museums, charity events, nightclubs, home lesson
parties, family celebrations, on international TV....
to promote the high quality of belly dance
worldwide. Known for her rapid hipwork, family
friendly shows are creative, dynamic and always
traditional with cutting edge style. Teaches in
Oakland County, Wayne, County and Macomb
County,  Michigan. Performances throug Michigan
and USA.

Lana believes the intent of any accomplished
bellydancer should to bring smiles and excitement
into a room - the audiences become part of the
show...All are welcome!
Quick Facts:

*Known for her rapid hip work

* Performed for singer Usher

*  Best Dance Troop In Detroit (Real
Detroit Weekly

* Named Best Entertainment Troop in
Detroit (
Real Detroit Weekly)

* Named A "Face of Detroit" WDIV TV

* Invited to perform: America's Got
Talent, TedX Detroit

* Worked with Patrick Swayze

* Has performed throughout the U.S.,
in the Caribbean & Europe.

* Turned down an opportunity to
perform for a former President of the
United States for ethical reasons

*Teaches both beginner and
advanced levels

* First dancer to invited to perform at
Arab American National Museum
events, a Smithsonian Affiliate

* Musical composer of Arabic fusion
Belly Dance Music

* Combines Flamenco Zapateados
Egyptian-style Bellydance

* Produced an
Instructional dance
that is selling worldwide.

* Performed repeatedly as a guest
dancer with the prestigious
Belly Dance Superstars.

* Dances with Jordanian artists Emad
Batayeh and Fransis Batayeh

* Executive Produced, Marketed and
named the sold-out show at the Max
Fisher Theatre, "Sean Blackman's

* Performed  with Persian singer
Houshman Aghili

* Has one of the largest student base
in Michigan

* Told by her own instructor: "No one
shimmies better than you. No one."
copyright Lana Chownyk Bellydance
Lana of
"A good
instructor not
only teaches
dance & helps
each student
develop their
own style, but
also helps
women realize
their own
beauty, and gain
confidence in a
world that is
much too hard on
"Best Dance Troop." - Real Detroit Weekly
"A must see."  - The Travel Channel
What they're saying

* "Crazy shimmies"
- Belly dancer Rachel Brice

* "No one shimmies
better. No one."
-  Princess Madiha of Syria

* "A Class Act. One of the
best I've seen. And I've
seen all over the world."
-Ismael Ahmed
Founder, Arab American
National Museum

* "In awe of her energy."
Yolanda Gezamye, client

* "Perfect musicality."
- Bellydancer Michelle Danielian

* "You are the music. You are
an artist."
-Maestro Fransis Batayeh

* She becomes the music."
-Drummer Skeeto Valdez

* "An excellent dancer,"
- Aida of San Francisco

* "A true artist,"
-Adnan Hartki
Arabic Keyboardist/composer

* "She made our night."
-Thelma Aldaki, Bride

* "She is our dancer. She's
family to us,"
-John Akouri
Founder Lebanese American
Festival, Director Lebanese
American Chamber

-Sabrina Fox, Bellydance
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