Racing greyhounds live
horrible lives at the tracks.
working to abolish it. If
you'd like to rescue one of
these affectionate, gentle
couch potato dogs, visit this
site! PS..they need
volunteers too. A
wonderful sanctuary in
Michigan where rescued farm
animals live in peace. Go visit
them! If you want to donate
to an animal cause, this is
the place. Your dollar will be
well-spent. PS...they too
need volunteers at the farm. If
you're searching to add a
piece of art to your home --
a drawing, painting,
sculpture or furniture, check
out this site! His portraits
are stunning, makes a great
gift! Check out this L.A.
artist and friend. If my class schedule doesn't
work with you, try Aida. She's a warm, highly
skilled, intensely experienced instructor/musician.
My mentor in dance & life. Period.

Susu Abdo Arnold is my new friend in dance. She
leads Chatham-Kent's only authentic Egytian
dance studio and is a disciplined, creative
dancer/instructor. We share common world views
and she has treated me as a sister. Visit her site
and check out her great clips!

Sonja is also my newest sister in dance. She's a
force in the state of Tennessee. A bellydancer
(instructor and performer), musician, plus human
and animal rights activist, she is embodies true
artistry. Her photo galleries are divine. Go check
them out! Instructor based in
Ann Arbor. Such a dear. A beautiful dancer who lives in
Tokyo. One of our favorites.
Lana's instructional Middle
Eastern dance DVD,

John Ferrante- His blend of rock
& Middle Eastern music is hot and
can be heard in
Bellydance with Lana
, the DVD.
Lana of
Get the instructional DVD: Authentic Bellydance.
May 2 & 3, 2020
10th Annual Detroit Raqs Midwest Raqs